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At the Habitat Learning Center on 20 April 13

At the Habitat Learning Center 20 April 13


Aug 15 2012: Kite Flying and programs

Forty + children and adults got together to celebrate I Day on 15 Aug in the Colony Park. Flew Kites and then moved to the Community center for games and eats!

Sujata Suri of Deep Foundation had arranged for the patang, deel, and Laddoos. Sandeep Suri was the photgrapher as usual. His photos can be seen in the Deep Foundation Blog/FB.

Photos will speak .


Vasant kunj


Activities: Photographs

Residents Welfare Association of Sector  A Pocket C, in Vasant Kunj has given space in their office premises since over seven years for running classes for under privileged children. They have also supported group activities and ensured participation of children in all RWA functions, especially functions on  the Republic Day .

A new room in the Community centre has been also allocated for holding the classes of children.

Acrylic Painting

Srijan Foundation is thankful to Col Kain, President of ARWA, Mr MM Agarwal Secretary, , Dr Usha Mukerjee and all members of RWA for their unqualified support.

Photographs of children who participate in these functions have been placed on our website earlier.

Srijan Foundation has been funding many of the children’s activities over the past decade.

Since last one year members of DEEP Foundation have been associated . They have commenced taking additional classes for children once or twice a week, and also preparing children for group activities.

We thank them for their selfless service. Ms Aparna Mathur has been active in teaching the children spoken English and general knowledge. She has also been teaching painting techniques to the kids, acrylic painting on fabric etc; and some of the paintings done by the children are placed below.

Sujata Suri  has been training the children in dance ,and choreographing their dances for presentation on various occasions. Ms Sujata has also arranged for almirahs and books for the children’ library which has been set up in the Room given by RWA. Pictures of the library are also placed below.

Mr Gaurav has been teaching Science, maths and GK. He has also been helping in identifying colleges to which our children passing High School examination can join.

Mr Nareshwar Prasad is continuing to teach the children from his home ,due to the onset of summer.

We are grateful to Mr Subash Dewan & Rahul Dewan for their unstinting support to Srijan activities.


Children’s Poster Painting Competetion : Rotary Delhi South West

31 Jan 2010

Rotary, Delhi South West,  had arranged fora Poster Painting Competition for children Civil Services sports Ground.

Rotary South – West organizes this event every year for  motivating the children.

Our Children from Vasant Kunj also participated in the event.

It was a wonderful sight to see hundreds of children from 4 years to 17, in colourful dresses, and cheerful faces, engrossed in painting pictures. Their enthusiasm had to be seen and felt, to be believed.

Rotary DSW deserves all praise for the opportunity they have provided to the children of Delhi. Many of the children were under privileged and for them it was really a lifetime opportunity to be provided with so much care and attention, to meet and mingle with other children on an equal footing.

About 2200 children participated in the painting Competition. Also there were about 1000 teachers, parents & guardians who brought their children with them.
There were Four Age groups & Topics

1. Pride of Delhi, 2. Conservation of Resources3. Social Crime4. Social Responsibilities

Children painted beautiful posters in all age group.

The entries were evaluated by a panel of eminent judges headed by Mr Surya Sadan, Montreal based artist from Canada.

Smt Kiran Walia, Minister of Health & Family Welfare gave away the prizes to winners.

All Children were given the participation certificate.  Lunch/Snack,  Mineral water/Cold drinks etc were also given to each participant. To entertain & thrilled children there was magic show  & Jokers too. There was a stall of Dhyan Foundation educating children & adults on Sanatan Kirya & Miracles of Yog.

Rotary Club’s District Governor Ashish Ghosh Rotary South West President Mr Ved  Chandna, Secretary Mr Lalit Vohra,  Mr Ranjan Chopra  Event Chairman &  Mr Pankaj Agarwal Event Co-Chairman , many other Rotarians & their family members actively participated in the program.


Rotary Poster Painting Competition 2009

new-pictureRotary on the Spot Poster Painting Competition 2009




26-jan-09-01-feb-07926-jan-09-01-feb-087 Rotary South-West had organised “On the Spot Poster & Painting Competition” for children of Age group 3 years to 17 years on Sunday,  the 01st Feb 09   at Civil Services Sports Ground Ashoka Hotel, Chankyapuri, New Delhi.

More than two thousand children participated in the painting Competition   accompanied by their parents and guardians.

It was a wonderful sight to see hundreds of children intent and concentrating on painting using pencils, crayons, and water colours.

The subjects for painting were

1. Pride of Delhi
Metro, Flyovers, Commonwealth Games, Tourism, Republic Day, Rotary Blood Bank.
2. Conservation of Resources
Water, Energy, Oil.
3. Social Crime
Crime against Women, Child abuse, Road Rage, Blue line menace, Corruption.
4. Social Responsibilities
Pollution, Blood Donation, AIDS, Civic Sense, Care for elderly, Hunger, Disaster Management, Health & Humanity, Master Plan 2021, Solid Waste Management, Traffic Sense, My Family, Mobile Mania, Women Safety.

Children painted beautiful posters in all age groups. The entries were evaluated by a panel of eminent judges. Smt Kiran Walia, Minister of Health & Family Welfare gave away the prizes to winners.8 prizes per age group were awarded.

All Children were given the participation certificate signed by Smt Kiran Walia & Rotarion executives. Lunch/Snack coupons were also given to each participant. There was also and exhibition on road signs and road sense by the Delhi Traffic Police.

To entertain children there was even a  magic show.

Credit for organisng the function goes to Rotary South West President Mr Manoj Bansal, Secretary V Narayanan, Mr Pankaj Agarwal, Mr Ranjan Chopra & many other Rotarians who actively participated in the program.



Children’s Program: 26 Jan 09





26 Jan 2009

Children took part in the function held in Sector A Pocket C at Vasant Kunj. The function was organised by the ARWA. Mr Yoganand Shastri, Speaker of Delhi Assembly was the chief guest. Local municipal councillar Mrs Yadav was also present.

Smt Chetan Basra was the MC.

Three itmes were presented by the children from Kishangarh and Meharauli.  Mr Prasad, Mrs Rajagopal and Mrs Chetan Basra had prepared the children.



Rotary: Poster Painting: Participation


Rotary South West Delhi held a Poster Painting competetion on 25 Dec.

Over 600 chidren took part in the competetion.

Special thanks are due to Mr Pankaj Agarwal, Mr Watwani, Mr Subhash Dewan for inviting our under privilaged children. Thanks to Rahul Dewan for running till last minute collecting boards.

Furkan Pathan, Lakshman Ahirwar and Suraj Lal all aged 13 , from our classes also took part.

It was a bright and sunny day, children were in colorful dresses. They had an opportunity for an outing, chance to paint to hearts content. Every child also got three coupons to be exchanged for snacks or soft drinks. There was a lot of choice for eats too. Children had a good time.

Rotarians sure can organise well.